And if the future was to take the time to travel differently.

With Nil, we are going on an environmentally friendly world tour : cycling across continents and sailing through oceans.

We are going to embrace the nature and meet people.

Goal : professional videographer and photographer, I would like to retranscribe the richness of our planet and its inhabitants with a documentary film.

We share our passion for adventure and our respect for the environment.

Here are our adventures !




Who am I ?

My name is Mikhaël Brun, born on February 5th, 1991, at Châteauroux (France). I grew up in the vicinity of Paris. Passionate about image, I studied video editing at the National Institute of Audio-visual (INA). In the meantime, I had been learning to become a video journalist from the Val-de-Marne General Council’s audio-visual team. After I graduated, I spent five years making reports, doing internet advertisement and creating institutional videos.

In 2016, I had an idea about traveling around the world. During one year’s period, I have visited Southeast Asia, Oceania and South America. A strong sense of freedom grew inside me, and I quickly became addicted to it. This craving for traveling never left me.

During this adventure, I have adopted a great passion about photography, thanks to which I have encountered many people. Shooting photos and videos about my trips had become a part of me.

It has come to me that, I like many, chase the beauty of nature at the cost of hurting the planet: by taking flights, buses and local transport, I had been greatly increasing the my carbon emissions along my track. Therefore, I had been thinking “how about doing an environmentally friendly world tour?”. Starting from this thought, I had the idea to travel only by bike and sailing ship.

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Who is Nil ?

Born on February 11th, 2017, Nil is a border collie. He is extremely clever, nice and obedient but also fearful. He seeks refuge under my legs when the night comes or he hears a strange sound.

He loves bikes and balls. Since he was a puppy, he has got used to following my bike and now he enjoys that a lot. About his love for balls, well, he has sheepdog’s blood, so he leads and keeps round objects around.

About his sea “paw” : he doesn’t like sea very much, but he never refuse to go aboard on a boat.

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